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Heat pump hot water unit (Source: Sanden)
Reactive hot water replacements lead to like for like replacements, and can lock in high cost options. BOOM! helps you understand and proactively manage hot water assets, before they become a problem
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An energy audit is the first out of five steps needed to cut your energy costs, and reduce your environmental impact. It is the foundation of all five steps in the BOOM Platform.
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The business case for solar power (and energy efficiency products like LED lighting) is solid. Really solid. It’s also good for the environment. So what’s holding you back?
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One thing to get your head around before starting an energy retrofit program, is how to sequence them. BOOM! Helps you make these decisions quickly and easily using its intuitive Options Analysis tool.
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Once you've selected the right energy upgrade options, BOOM! makes it quick and easy to organise procurement. No double data handling. No complex email trails and spreadsheets
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BOOM! makes it easy to track the performance of your energy assets. Use monitoring data for stakeholder reports, and to inform your next round of energy upgrades.
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