BOOM for
Social Housing

We help Social and Affordable Housing, and Retirement Living Providers to reduce the cost of energy across their property portfolios.

Budgeting for, and implementing energy upgrades across a diverse housing portfolio, can be complex and time-consuming.

The BOOM platform already supports community housing providers with over 30,000 buildings to make informed investments in building electrification. Those organisations have completed over $10 million of energy retrofits, and counting. They’ve been at the front of the queue for grants because they have data at their fingerprints for investors and governments.

We deliver best-in-class energy solutions, end-to-end, from feasibility and business case through to procurement, measurement, and verification of savings.

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No. of Buildings being Electrified via BOOM

How BOOM can help you

Your tenants are facing rapidly increasing energy costs. They’re also living in homes that aren’t as healthy or comfortable as you’d like them to be. As you know, they’re more vulnerable to rising energy prices and energy poverty than almost any other community. 

You’re faced with multiple, often conflicting options for tackling this challenge, without the budget to tackle it successfully at scale.

The energy transition to clean, affordable energy has reached maturity – but rooftop solar is only the beginning. For at least 30% of homes, rooftop solar isn’t even feasible. For the majority, batteries are also a sub-optimal investment.

However, fully “electrifying” homes (removing gas) should save the average household ~$5,000 a year by 2030.

Sophisticated energy software

Built to provide you with simple advice, analysis and reporting – supporting grant applications, giving private investors and philanthropic organisations confidence, or assessing and comparing business models.

Access to pre-qualified electrification products

The BOOM Marketplace gives you immediate access to pre-qualified electrification product suppliers and installers, with probity rules built-in.

Report on financial and emission impacts

Finally, you can report and verify the financial and emission impacts on your portfolio – ensuring your decision-making is optimal and your organisation is a recognised leader.

Case Studies

Explore our case studies below on how BOOM helped various Social Housing associations electrify their properties.

Pairing Solar and Split System Air Conditioning

Community Housing Limited

Learn how we helped CHL to install solar on 63 properties as part of its overall rollout of 600 properties, with the VPF-funded projects delivered by January 2019. The properties were a mix of multi-level apartment complexes and standalone properties.

How to Maximise the Benefits of Solar Power and Enhance Tenant Comfort

Energy Efficiency or Solar – which comes first?

Learn the different types of energy efficiency upgrades, their impact, and and how solar panels can be included in an upgrade package to reduce energy costs for tenants.

A Solar Program Across Diverse Building Types

Housing Choices Australia

Learn how BOOM helped Housing Choices Australia to develop business cases on investing in solar on around 500 of its 1,400 plus owned properties in Victoria.


  • Residents saved $400 on energy bills compared to the previous year.
  • The CHO saved 35% on electricity costs.

Solar for Apartment Buildings


Read more on how Unison used the BOOM! platform, to create a business case for its owned properties, and then selecting 6 apartment blocks in metropolitan Melbourne and one in Geelong, with a total of 476 households that will indirectly benefit from the solar panels’ reduction of energy costs for the common light and power.

Installing Solar on Stand-Alone Properties

SouthEast Housing Co-operative
Read more on how SouthEast Housing Cooperative used the BOOM! platform to undertake all of the energy assessments and procure pre-qualified suppliers to install PV solar systems on all 162 of the freestanding properties it manages.



Energy bills dropped from an average of $5 a day to $3 a day.

Solar and Batteries for Inner City Rooming Houses

South Port Community Housing Group

Learn how South Port Community Housing Group installed solar on 10 properties with expected annual savings of $30,000-$35,000.


“Everyone wanted to help with the environment, but they didn’t know how or if it was going to be possible or viable financially, so having the BOOM! platform was essential.” – Manuel

A Cooperative Approach to Solar

United Housing

Read more on how BOOM helped United Housing to install solar panels on 63 standalone properties.

‘We felt strongly they would get their money back based on some of the information we received from BOOMPower and other places.’

Impact Report of the Victorian Property Fund’s Environmentally Sustainable Housing Funding Round 2017-18


Read more on how the VPF Environmentally Sustainable Housing grants drove a program of energy efficiency and solar upgrades in excess of $2.7 million and impacted over 1,400 households living in social housing. It funded the installation of 1588 kW of solar, a 7 kW battery, and 116 split system air conditioners.