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Facilitate your community with actionable climate solutions

Your communities – households and local businesses – are looking for ways to tackle cost of living pressures, and reduce their emissions.

The window to limit global warming to 1.5°C appears to have closed. The scientists tell us we have a 10-year window to rapidly reduce carbon emissions, to limit warming to 2°C.

40% of our emissions are from buildings. Given an increasingly renewable grid, gas appliances are the new frontier.  

Building electrification is a proven solution, and ready to scale, but reaching zero emissions means replacing gas appliances in 50 homes every working hour until 2050 (in Australia, alone). We also have ~2.6 million small and medium-sized businesses to support.

You can make a tangible difference. Rapidly helping them to electrify their homes and businesses.


How BOOM can help you

The BOOM platform enables you to launch your building electrification “one-stop-shop”. You pick and choose the tools, expertise, vendors, products and financing options you need via the platform.

Our mission is reducing emissions through building electrification, so if you’re genuinely committed, our financial model enables you to create a long-term solution without the annual budgetary issues.

Benefits to you, Local Government
  • Support your community to reach zero emissions via building electrification
  • Drive transparent, data-driven reporting on emission reductions in your area
  • Reduce the strain on internal council resources by up to 70% compared with manual programs
  • Eliminate the need for annual budget bids and stop-start programs
  • Generate tangible, local economic growth by providing ongoing access to a trusted, dynamic marketplace of local suppliers
  • Help low socio-economics households reduce their expenses
Benefits to your Local Community


  • Being a part of a community that takes practical action on climate change
  • Eliminating natural gas enhances indoor air quality and resident health
  • Reduces energy bills and environmental impact by going all-electric
  • Easy and sophisticated tool to access products with step-by-step guidance to fulfil their home electrification journey

Local Businesses

  • Connects local community to a local business that can deliver and support
  • Embracing and supporting widespread electrification can drive higher sales for local businesses, leading to local economic growth
  • The BOOM Marketplace helps local businesses build trust and awareness within your community

Who we’ve helped

Local Governments

BOOM is helping SME Business in Geelong to Electrify

Social Housing

BOOM helps reduce energy cost across their property portfolios


BOOM is assisting their mortgage customers to electrify homes

Multi-site Businesses

BOOM generates Business Cases for Solar Projects

One example is Bank Australia. They’re using the BOOM platform to help their mortgage customers with electrification, to reach their net zero target by 2030. We even brought in our partners, Yarra Energy Foundation, to provide on-call support to their customers.