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Electrifying Residential Properties Pt. 2

Electrifying Residential Properties – Session 2

Tuesday, 18 April 2023
9:30 AM AEDT

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Join 1 Million Women’s Conversation on Electrification Challenges and Degasifying for a Better Planet


Natalie Isaacs

Founder, 1 Million Women

Natalie Isaacs is the founder of 1 Million Women, a global movement of women and girls who take practical action to fight dangerous climate change by changing the way they live.

Since launching 1 Million Women in 2009, Natalie has dedicated herself to empowering women to act on climate change. Under her leadership, 1 Million Women has grown from scratch into a movement of over 1,000,000.

Natalie is deeply invested in building a better world for today’s and future generations. She believes we’re all living in the critical decade for climate action, and we’re all needed to drive transformational change by 2030.

“How we live each day matters. One small action at a time multiplied by millions and millions changes the system. Never underestimate how powerful you are through everything you do.” – Nat xx


After a decade in responsible, ethical and impact investing, Nicolette questions the practicality, prudence, and even moral question of deploying private sector, and blended finance solutions to electrifying low-income people’s homes.

Do the upsides, outweigh the downs?

Nicolette Boele

Climate Policy, Clean Energy, and Finance Executive, Smart Energy Council

Nicolette Boele is a responsible investment and clean energy executive with more than 25 years’ experience in capital markets, sustainability, and climate change policy. 

Nicolette’s professional interest lies in building purpose into finance, growing just, social, and equitable capitals to underpin resilient and sustainable economies.  

She has held executive roles at the Responsible Investment Association Australasia, The Climate Institute, and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. She has also worked to better climate outcomes at the Australian Conservation Foundation, Investor Group on Climate Change, and the Sustainable Energy Development Authority. She advises the board of The Good Car Company, is a member of the Climate Impact Committee for New Zealand’s Climate Venture Capital Fund and is the Expert Adviser, Electrification of Everything to the Smart Energy Council. 

Nicolette was Bradfield’s community independent candidate in the 2022 federal election which enjoyed one of the largest primary vote swings against a sitting member, anywhere in the country. Keen to demonstrate what true representation can be like, she has declared she will stand again for election in 2025


As a resident of a strata lot in a state capital LGA with a highly transient population made up of 58% tenants there has been minimal uptake to date of energy efficiency infrastructure including solar power, communal apartment EV charging, and heat pump hot water infrastructure. 


Tim Prosser

Sustainability Systems Integration Architect, Climate Salad

Hi, I’m Tim, a technology practitioner/systems integrator with over 20 years of enterprise experience working with brands like Rolls-Royce, Electronic Data Systems, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and Origin Energy.

Today my focus is leading and championing ambitious climate technology programs among Australian organisations. Encouraging a wide variety of participants to engage and radically collaborate and focus on working together on solving wicked shared challenges. I lead and help Australian enterprises raise their ambition and confidence around sustainability goals with data and insight generation to build and help trust in the net zero transition.