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Electrifying Residential Properties Pt. 1

Electrifying Residential Properties – Session 1

Tuesday, 21 February 2023
9:30 AM AEDT

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The importance of establishing the right foundations to support households to undertake rapid electrification at scale in Australia.


Jonathan Leake

New Energy Projects Director, SA Power Networks

Jonathan Leake is responsible for leading the design and delivery of SA Power Networks next phase of future energy projects, including electrification pilots, community battery programs, solar equity initiatives, and EV smart charging.

Jonathan has held several executive leadership positions in the Victorian Public Sector across energy, resource recovery and sustainability. He has a strong background leading the development and delivery of high-profile energy programs, strategies and policies related to residential DER, energy demand, grid stability and home retrofit programs. Jonathan is an Associate Director at Woods Street Partners.


Electrify Everything, Automate Everything: Is this the Holy Grail for Smart Homes?

Murray Hogarth

Head of Impact and Communications, Wattwatchers

Murray Hogarth is Head of Impact and Communications at technology scale-up Wattwatchers Digital Energy. Part of the Wattwatchers founding team, Murray Hogarth is a sustainability strategist, stakeholder engagement specialist and communicator. His diverse experience includes nearly a decade consulting internationally with boutique sustainable business strategy firm Ecos Corporation, a 1990s startup; and a 21-year award-winning career in print and television journalism.

Murray was Environmental Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald (1997-99), which included covering the landmark Kyoto climate change summit, and a reporter on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s flagship current affairs television programs, 7.30 and Four Corners (1990-95). A keen blogger, Murray is the author of two books on environmental themes.


Benefits and barriers of electrifying residential properties for homes and communities.


Kate Minter

Managing Director, Rewiring Australia

Kate Minter is the managing director of Rewiring Australia, coordinating the research-based advocacy that drives the organisation to make mass and rapid electrification a reality.

Kate’s background is in research and campaigning on pressing social equity issues, including women’s safety and the rights of migrant and gig-economy workers.

“Electrifying our homes and our cars is the concrete climate action Australians can make this decade that will save us money and save our kids’ future.” – Kate Minter