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Assist your customers to qualify for Green Loans and get their homes off gas

Your customers want their homes to be comfortable, healthy and cheap to run. They’re looking for genuine support from companies like yours. Retrofitting homes means dealing with multiple trades, suppliers and installers. Your customers are bombarded with conflicting, biased and often dishonest advice on a daily basis. 

Simplifying retrofits for your customers, and ensuring they make cost-effective and impactful decisions, every time, will quickly reduce your scope 3 emissions, enhance your reputation and retain customers.

Building electrification is a proven solution, and ready to scale. Replacing gas appliances with electric ones, installing rooftop solar and buying electric vehicles reduces costs and emissions. Insulation and draught-proofing increases health and comfort.

Reaching zero emissions means replacing gas appliances in 50 homes every hour between 2023 and 2050 (in Australia, alone).

We’re on a mission to make eliminating carbon emissions an easy and seamless experience, by electrifying buildings.


How BOOM can help you

Tackle financed emissions with the BOOM Platform and Marketplace

BOOM is the only Aussie climate tech business that can deliver on your electrification needs all in one platform. Our purpose-built software simplifies the electrification process by eliminating complexities and uncertainties, making it seamless and effortless to find reliable suppliers, assess your emissions and track your impact. 

We understand that there are problems with...

  • Inability to identify optimal solutions for households
  • Lack of data on financial and environmental impacts before and after retrofits
  • Risk of sub-optimal products and workmanship
  • No simplified home electrification journey (at scale)
  • Customers want cost-effective homes, with lower emissions (not green loans)
BOOM enables an integrated approach, by:
  • Providing ongoing support to your customers throughout their home electrification journey (likely to be 5-10 years)
  • Streamlining their decision-making, supplier selection and financing with easy-to-use, but sophisticated energy and financial modelling
  • Enhancing your reputation, by demonstrably reducing Scope 3 emissions, at scale
  • Facilitating access to suppliers, with due diligence completed on product selections, certifications, insurances, experience, and financial viability
  • Keeping track of your impact via integrated, data-driven insights, evidence and reporting

Banks are using BOOM to support end-to-end home electrification

Bank Australia has just launched its Electrify Your Home pilot, in partnership with BOOM! to help households get off gas and make the switch to electric.

From October 2023, Bank Australia has taken a significant step in helping eligible home loan customers transition away from gas, after recognising that over 90% of their emissions come from the homes they finance.

By swapping gas appliances for electric alternatives, adopting electric heat pumps and solar panels, customers are transforming their homes for the better, including improvements in health and potential savings on energy bills.

BOOM is making this transition seamless by providing a “one stop shop” home electrification service, offering tailored recommendations, access to pre-qualified suppliers and installers, and ongoing insights on the impact of their actions to both customers and Bank Australia.

“There are some parts of our economy where getting off gas is going to be more complex, but switching from gas to electric appliances and systems in the home is entirely achievable with the right supports. We want to enable our customers to do this and believe our pilot will really help us decide what comes next,” said Jane Kern.

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