Tom Graham - CHL National Asset Manager

Tom is National Asset Manager at Australia's largest Community Housing Provider, Community Housing Limited (CHL). CHL’s operations stretch from Melbourne to Perth, Exmouth to Brisbane, and from Chile to India, with a few countries in-between. 

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Tom is no stranger to energy, having worked for Sanctuary Housing in the UK in a previous life. He helped establish “Sanctuary Green Technology” using energy efficiency funding from the European Union, overseeing a program of 46,000 houses being retrofitted with energy efficiency measures - and he got the energy bug! 

CHL is one of BOOMPower’s longest standing partners, so Tom was a major part of development of the BOOM software platform. His personal insights ensured the platform is meeting the asset management, and robust procurement and probity, needs of CHL - helping them deliver their national “Secure Energy Strategy'' and build internal capabilities without additional external support.

That strategy is now two years old and with 1.2MW of rooftop solar, 300 split cycle air-conditioners, 20kWh of storage and lots of LED lighting installed across over 500 buildings, you could say they’ve hit the ground running! Most importantly, they’ve helped over 600 households cut energy costs in a meaningful way - and they’re just getting started.

So, what’s next?

CHL is ramping up its energy ambitions, with the aim of rolling-out energy solutions to all tenants, regardless of whether CHL owns the property or not.

Tom's team have also started an energy asset monitoring program - this involves a combination of smart meter (where available) and solar inverter data, and monitoring of specific energy efficiency products, all analysed via the BOOM monitoring, measurement and verification dashboard. The initiative will help CHL build towards their Utopian moment, where they integrate new energy technologies seamlessly across their portfolio, maximising value for their tenants. Watch this space!

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