Simon Greenfield - Unison Housing

Simon worked with the BOOMPower team during his time as Director of Asset Management at Unison Housing. Nowadays, Simon is a Consulting Senior Director at JLL — but, wherever he is, he is aiming to shape the future of real estate, create a better world and help save the planet.


He wasn’t new to energy, having worked as a consultant on greenfield projects for many years.

At Unison, he saw the BOOM software prototype, used it in beta mode and then instigated the first round of solar installations using the platform. Before BOOM, Simon and his team had relied on energy assessments completed by consultants to make investment decisions. However, the portfolio was growing and, with emerging technologies like battery storage, Simon decided to engage BOOMPower. 

The BOOM platform allowed Simon to scale up his ambitions, without simultaneously scaling up his consulting costs. Simon was also able to upskill his team using the platform, ensuring future energy programs could be handled in-house with minimal support. In particular, he and his team were very happy with the procurement module:

“Particularly from a governance perspective, it is extremely robust. My team felt really confident with the level of effort that had gone into procurement design”.

Using BOOM allowed the team to take a more proactive approach to energy, by reducing the team's traditionally reactive response, to a more strategic understanding of options and solutions. It was a perfect opportunity for learning and development, and they found BOOM very user friendly so staff could learn as they went. They were also able to understand the additional options assessed by the platform, so they could return to them later and make targeted investment decisions.

“A massive bonus was the technical advice and support we were able to call on whenever we needed it - whether that was negotiating, procuring or managing embedded networks, solar, hot water and so on. It was great to have that level of support whenever we needed it on call.”

Lastly, Simon felt the aligned values made it the right fit for him to work with BOOMPower. His previous frustrations with sourcing quality suppliers who would be around to honour warranties in future, and didn't overcharge, led him to use the BOOM platform to demonstrably save time and money, while delivering the organisation's ambitions. 

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