Phil from "The Mill"

When we first met Phil from "The Mill", he was weighing up his options…

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The Mill is a multi-tenanted commercial site, regarded as a highly successful renewal project developed out of an old industrial complex.

The site is evolving over time, with new tenants moving in and the site filling out. The situation made it difficult to determine how energy usage was going to change in the future.

Part of Phil wanted to take the plunge and go off-grid using solar, batteries and an onsite generator. His desire was driven by frustrations with power outages and service issues with the local network provider, and a deeper motivation to make a bold statement - renewable energy can power commercial and industrial sites like The Mill.

Scenarios were run using the BOOM software, helping Phil understand the capital requirements for going off-grid. However, it also enabled him to think strategically about how the precinct's energy demands would be changing over time - making sizing and optimising an off-grid system difficult. Phil used the scenarios to map out a plan for getting to 100% renewable energy in a way that optimised both his budget and cash-flow,.

He lowered the risk of over or under-investing in solar at the outset, but retained the flexibility required to adapt to changes in technologies, tenants and general site requirements. 

“Commercial buildings go BOOM!”
Inspiration from Phil

How did the BOOM process work for Phil? 

  • The Mill went BOOM end-to-end (twice!) - from data gathering through to business case assessments, procurement and post-installation monitoring of two x 100kW solar systems (200kW in total);
  • During the energy audit and business case stages, battery storage was included, but ultimately rejected, as the finances weren’t yet considered compelling by Phil;
  • The second round of business cases and procurement included the anticipated energy demands of new tenants, and validated the assumptions made before the first installation;
  • Additional support is now being provided by the BOOM platform, supporting The Mill to assess power supply agreements, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and power purchase options.

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