Meg George - Common Equity Housing

Since 2015, Asset Manager Meg George has been working tirelessly to support Common Equity Housing's Member Cooperatives to roll-out solar and energy efficiency across their 2,000+ properties.

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Among Common Equity's biggest concerns are climate risks, including heat events, flooding and fire - planning for these as part of day-to-day asset management is front of mind for Meg and the team.

Meg has supported development of the BOOM platform, including the leading-edge API with SPM Assets. The API ("Application Programming Interface") is enabling the two software platforms to "speak" to one another, meaning energy retrofits are planned via BOOM using data collected during regular property condition inspections (avoiding the need for additional energy audits and site visits).

Climate risk data-gathering is also being planned using existing systems - all managed by the Common Equity team, building their internal capacity and capabilities as they go.

Meg and the team are now writing a best practice report for the housing sector around managing climate risk, with the biggest issues being thermal comfort, access to greenspace, fire risk and flood levels. Combined with instant access to portfolio-level insights via BOOM and the SPM Assets API, they have the freedom to think and plan BIG.

Common Equity also have the confidence to make good investment decisions, procure transparently, and then measure and verify the financial and environmental impacts they achieve alongside their Member Cooperatives.

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