Three Ways to Save Time and Money on Energy

BOOM helps property teams deliver energy projects, without compromising on time, cost or ambition.

Here’s how the platform can save your organisation at least 20% compared with the standard approach:

1. Consulting fees.

BOOM helps your team build its own energy expertise. The software helps you conduct energy audits and generate business cases at the touch of a button. Quickly prioritise buildings and energy solutions, competitively procure your selections and report on the benefits to everyone. Avoid repetitive and time-consuming consultancy and build valuable internal capacity. The BOOM team is there to support you at every stage.

2. Capital costs.

BOOM’s competitive procurement platform consistently outperforms industry cost benchmarks, ensuring you get high quality equipment and workmanship, while minimising your capital expenditure. Our network of pre-qualified suppliers are the best and, by using BOOM, they avoid the costs of qualifying sales and double handling of data - saving you time and money.

3. Opportunity costs.

The chances are high that you’re spending too much on energy. Every day you spend trying to squeeze energy upgrades around your team’s core business of managing property is money you’ll never claw back. Accelerate the process and make savings now. BOOM!

Example of how BOOM saves time and money for organisations just like yours:

The HCA Asset Management team have saved an estimated $400,000 by using BOOM to underpin the delivery of 988kW (and counting) of solar and lighting projects across hundreds of individual residential properties - and built their own energy knowledge and capacity along the way.

“Housing Choices Australia are using BOOM to easily assess, select and implement energy retrofits, with over $1.3M of projects implemented since early 2019. We are reducing consultancy costs and eliminating difficult decision-making processes. We're looking forward to continuing our collaboration with the BOOM! team.”
James Henry HCA Director, General Manager Property Development and Asset Management

How does the BOOM process works for HCA?

Step 1

Housing Choices started using BOOM! at the Business Cases stage. The team is now automating these through an API between BOOM and their asset management software provider, SPM Assets

Step 2

Options Analysis guided development of the Housing Choices National Strategy, with increasing amounts of data informing future decisions and actions

Step 3

Procurement of solar and heat pumps have been Housing Choices' major focus, with cutting-edge solar- sharing and metering technologies also assessed and included

Step 4

Additional support is now being provided by the BOOM! platform, with data being gathered and analysed from solar inverters, SolShare devices, smart meters and Wattwatchers devices

Step 5

Property condition data is shared between BOOM! and Housing Choices' asset management software, meaning energy auditing is fully integrated with property management

Time to give BOOM a try.

1. Schedule a free appointment - discuss your needs and view the BOOM! platform.

2. Create a personalised plan based on your specific needs.

3. Agree, refine and execute the plan - together.