Your Fourth Step - Procurement

You want to save money on energy, but you have a day job, time is short, and the market for energy solutions seems overwhelming.

Follow the BOOM! software's simple, five-stage process to make solar, storage energy efficiency quick and simple to assess, prioritise and implement.

Stage Four - Competitive procurement: why bother?!

Making good decisions, and procuring quality products from trusted suppliers at the best value for money, can be more complex than the energy audits you completed in BOOM! Stage One, or the business cases created in BOOM! Stage Two

The complexity of procurement is one of the main reasons we designed and built the BOOM! Platform, and one of the main reasons our customers love using it. It's also why we offer hands on support when you sign up to use the software.

Once you’ve justified and selected your options in BOOM! Stage Three, you’re ready to tackle purchasing. Purchasing (competitive procurement) is the third stage of the BOOM! Platform - so let’s confirm those before we delve any deeper:

The five stages are on continuous repeat and can be accessed at any stage. Ongoing data collection allows quick and easy decisions, and means you're prepared for new technologies (like batteries) as they reach maturity.

Since starting out in 2012, we have confirmed that competitive procurement is the best way to ensure our clients consistently get the best pricing and a quality service at every stage of their journey.

Undertaking a competitive procurement process is simple and effective via BOOM! Stage Four - Competitive Procurement, because Asset Managers from some of Australia’s largest institutional landlords helped us build, test and pilot the BOOM! Platform. Now, they’re using it nationwide.

How does BOOM! Stage Four - Competitive Procurement work?

As you’ll know, one of the main barriers to running successful competitive procurement (and the reason you sometimes take short-cuts by getting informal quotes), is that a competitive tender process takes time (and time equals money).

Previously, rigorous and transparent procurement processes did take lots of time and effort. Time spent creating tender documents, evaluation spreadsheets and responding to lots of emails. In fact, running a competitive procurement process often feels like a lot of hard work - because it is!

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However, BOOM! Stage Four (Competitive Procurement) is directly linked with those quick and easy audits in BOOM! Stage One, informed by the business cases created in BOOM! Stage Two and the Options you selected in BOOM! Stage Three. All of the details (images, recommended sizes and property details) are automatically provided to your selected suppliers, making competitive procurement quick and easy too. Lastly, if you have suppliers you’d like to invite, simply tell the BOOMPower team, and we’ll pre-qualify them so you can invite them to tender — assuming they meet the probity requirements we’ve developed with world-leading procurement experts, ArcBlue.

Suppliers love the BOOM! e-procurement feature as much as our clients do - and the statistics confirm prices through the BOOM! platform consistently beat publicly listed industry averages, and we’re told are some of the lowest seen by government agencies specialising in energy programs.

You can achieve lower prices and achieve quality outcomes, which exceed usual standards (10-year product and labour warranties are recommended), because BOOM! has standardised documentation and procurement templates which save you time - they also save suppliers time and money too, which leads to lower prices for you.

Time to give BOOM! a try?

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3. Agree, refine and execute the plan — together.