4 Mistakes to Avoid When Procuring Solar

Are you about to make these 4 mistakes when procuring rooftop solar?

So, you're fed up with spending too much on energy. We get it, it's annoying. 

Your boss thinks installing solar will permanently reduce those bills. But you're getting conflicting advice (or direction) on procurement, which is eating up your time.

You've talked to a few different people..

Everyone knows about solar, because they've either bought it for their own home, are about to buy it, or know someone who has. 

Sales people tell you to buy solar from them exclusively, so they can offer a bulk buy price that can't be beaten. They'll also offer to let you pay for it under a "power purchase agreement" (PPA) or solar lease, which is "guaranteed to save you money" from the start. 

How can you be sure you're getting good quality products, at the right price? You want to be sure your investment stands the test of time and you're not left relying on warranties and getting that sales guy back to fix it?

Mistake #1 - Getting a single quote from the company that was in the right place at the right time.

Yes, they may have done an excellent job for someone else and provide excellent service with top quality products at a very low price. (We only deal with those types of retailers).

However, when you run a formal, competitive procurement process, they will always provide better value for money to win the work.

Their fear of missing out to others now and in the future will ensure they consistently provide the same great service and quality, but at a lower price. Tenders run through the BOOM platform are consistently 20% below any published industry benchmarks*.

(*https://www.solarchoice.net.au/commercial-solar-power-system-prices as of February 2021 compared with 2019-21 tender pricing through BOOM)


We've done all the hard work and due diligence for you.

Suppliers within the BOOM platform have won $millions of projects through BOOM, and always put forward their best pricing, because they spend less time looking for sales, eliminate site visits before they've won the work, and know every tender through BOOM is a bona-fide customer.

You can even add your own suppliers - just introduce them to the BOOMPower team and they'll go through our pre-qualification process, designed with global procurement specialists, ArcBlue...

Mistake #2 - Appointing a supplier to a multi-year program of installations.

They may be the lowest price when you run the procurement process, and they'll definitely be a great company if you procure through BOOM, but even the best companies will try to increase their margins as time goes on.

So, if you lock in a supplier at this year's pricing, and with this year's specifications, you're going to be paying too much in future.

Take a look at our customer's success stories, to understand the benefits of BOOM.

With BOOM, you get all of the:

  • Technical Support
  • Detailed Pricing Expectations
  • Pre-qualified Suppliers


Mistake #3 - Making decisions on upfront costs alone.

We get it, price matters, and is often one of the major factors when picking a solar retailer.

However, it’s shouldn't be the only consideration.

How do you weigh up different proposals, when they all recommend and price a different system size and design?

How do you compare the quality of different brands, without hours of research ?

How do you work through warranty conditions, inclusions and exclusions, to ensure you are making fairs comparisons?

The cheapest quote is likely to have some serious trade-offs. The BOOM platform makes these obvious - and the BOOMPower team is always on- call to help you analyse the terms and provide independent advice.

Mistake #4 - Taking up that Financing option.

It seems like a good idea, as they're guaranteeing you'll pay less for the electricity from your roof than you'll otherwise pay your energy retailer.


Couple of things. Firstly, forecast savings from Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are often heavily dependant on rising energy prices - unreliable over the short-term, let alone 10 years.

Secondly, given 10-year warranties are a minimum requirement of pre- qualified solar retailers in BOOM, an all-inclusive PPA offer is unlikely to save any money during the operation and maintenance period.

How about a transparent view of the costs and benefits of different financing offers, without the bias? BOOM.

Savings from the BOOM Platform.png


Competitive procurement is a touch of a button away — BOOM saves you time, money and frustration by helping you make decisions about where to invest in solar, creating specifications and procuring from the best.

You can even keep your team happy by having the BOOMPower team pre-qualify the company who your team is comfortable with. Assuming they come up to the standards we established with global procurement company, ArcBlue, then they're in.

You'll keep those solar companies completely honest on price, confirm you're getting the best quality products and have a team of energy experts on call whenever you need them.

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