Your First Step - Energy Auditing

You want to save money on energy, but you have a day job, time is short, and the market for energy solutions seems overwhelming.

Follow the BOOM! software's simple, five-stage process to make solar, storage energy efficiency quick and simple to assess, prioritise and implement.

Stage One - The Energy Audit

The idea of an energy audit is enough to make most people roll their eyes and groan. No longer! BOOM! makes energy audits quick and easy...

An energy audit process involves gathering the right energy and property data, so you can make the right investment decisions - whether that’s for a single building or across a large property portfolio. BOOM! Software uses data gathering templates and intuitive user guides to make this process a breeze.

An energy audit is the first of five stages to cutting your energy costs and reducing your environmental impact. It's an integral part of the five stages of the BOOM! Platform. Let’s confirm the five stages before we delve any deeper:

The five stages are on continuous repeat and can be accessed at any stage. Ongoing data monitoring (step 5) enables quick, proactive, and effective decision making over time, and means you're prepared for new technologies (like batteries) as they reach maturity.

What is an Energy Audit Why bother?

Audit data informs your business cases (stage 2), which informs your purchasing decisions (stage 4) — whether that’s solar, batteries, lighting, hot water, heating/cooling, installing insulation and so on.

Finally, the energy audit means you can confidently report on the benefits after implementation, by providing a benchmark for your energy usage and costs.

The Energy Efficiency Council provides detailed material on the different types of energy audits. In short, energy audits start at a simple “Level 1” assessment (usually desktop-only), all the way to “Level 3” (involving energy monitoring equipment).

All energy audits seek to establish how and why you’re using energy, and how much it’s costing you. For this first step, you need three things:

Energy bills - to check your energy costs and find unusual energy patterns;

Smart meter data (if available in your state) - to check your energy usage in detail and explore those unusual patterns;

Site visits - to inspect, photograph, and document the condition and type of equipment already installed.

For many of our clients (such as housing providers, early learning centres and aged care facilities), a Level 1 or 2 audit provides sufficient confidence for implementing energy upgrades.

Most of these facilities use standard lighting, heating, cooling and hot water systems, which can be quickly and accurately assessed using the BOOM! Platform. Our clients assessed and procured over $3,000,000 of energy solutions in its first full year of operation — with demand for solutions growing all the time. They did that successfully by following the five step process outlined above.

If you are spending more than ~$50,000/annum on energy at one site, or have specialised energy-hungry equipment/machinery, then a Level 3 audit may suit you best. You may need some hands-on assistance from the BOOMPower team, in addition to the BOOM! platform.

Energy audits help you: 

Understand what equipment needs upgrading.

Benchmark your property/portfolio against similar buildings and identify where energy may be wasted.

Prioritise investment on the back of robust business cases (you’re going to need this, before you get approval from the finance team).

What are the limitations of an energy audit?

Energy audits are the first step on your journey, not the last. On their own, they could leave you confused and stuck at first base.
Understanding results and recommendations from an audit report, and ultimately making investment decisions including procuring the right products from the right providers, is normally more complex than the audit itself.

A long energy audit report can be full of technical jargon, making it difficult to understand for someone whose day job doesn’t involve energy.

Don’t get us wrong, there are great energy auditing companies out there, but one of the main reasons we built BOOM! was the number of times our clients told us they had an energy audit done years ago, but didn’t have the time/money/expertise to do anything with it. 

Ravi - Housing Choices

Ravi Koneru (Asset Coordinator at Housing Choices Australia) uses the BOOM! platform to manage their nationwide energy program across ~7,000 properties

The three key BOOM advantages are:

Energy audits are designed to be completed by a non-energy expert with simple training. 

The procurement process is integrated within the BOOM Platform. 

Post-installation monitoring and verification of savings and emissions is also integrated within the BOOM Platform. 

Time to give BOOM! a try?

1. Schedule an appointment - discuss your needs with Alex and see the BOOM! platform.

2. Engage us to create a personalised, high-level plan based on your needs.

3. Agree, refine and execute the plan — together.