Your Second Step - The Business Case

You want to save money on energy, but you have a day job, time is short, and the market for energy solutions seems overwhelming.

Follow the BOOM! software's simple, five-stage process to make solar, storage energy efficiency quick and simple to assess, prioritise and implement.

Stage Two - The Business Case: What's holding you back?

The business case for solar power (and energy efficiency products like LED lighting) is solid. Really solid. It’s also good for the environment. So what’s holding you back? 

Business cases are fundamental to all five BOOM! stages, which guide you throughout - so let’s confirm those before we delve any deeper:

The five stages are on continuous repeat and can be accessed at any stage. Ongoing data monitoring (step 5) enables quick, proactive, and effective decision making over time, and means you're prepared for new technologies (like batteries) as they reach maturity.

Across Australia, an investment in solar power will pay for itself in under four years (best case) and no worse than seven years in the vast majority of places. 

For a 20+ year asset that requires little maintenance, solar power provides an excellent return on investment - around 15-25%/annum. 

Places like South Australia and Queensland, with higher daytime energy rates and long sunny days, provide outstanding solar returns. Across WA, NSW and Victoria, solar returns remain very strong. Yes, even in Tasmania, solar power can be a solid investment. 

That’s why the number of households in Queensland and South Australia with rooftop solar is so high.

Interest rates are at record lows and solar power is the cheapest form of power generation - so investing in solar panels is the quickest and simplest way to cut your energy bills (and emissions).

Australia has more than two million solar homes, making it a mature, well understood technology. Increasingly, solar power is a viable power supply option for commercial and industrial clients too - rooftop solar, ground mounted solar, and solar power via PPA’s (“Power Purchase Agreements”, where you buy the power from the panels, but never own them) are all great options. 

So why haven’t you installed solar yet? These are the three common reasons we hear from clients and what you can do about them.

1. I’m too busy with my “day job” (or “core business”).

Completely understandable. You’re time poor, your budget doesn’t have a separate line for “energy” and, even if it does, it’s there to pay electricity and gas bills, not to pay for solar or new hot water systems!

If a 10% improvement in your business’ performance means an extra $100,000 in revenue, or more, it’s hard to justify the time needed to go solar and save $10,000/annum on energy.

2. I’m confused by all the different options and opinions. 

There are so many suppliers, brands and financing options! Navigating online and in-person advice is laborious. You know a competitive procurement process will save you money, but it’s so time-consuming. It’s all too hard.

3. The final factor is budget. I’m comparing investment in solar and energy efficiency solutions with “core business” costs and it’s a hard sell to management

Budgetary constraints can be harder to deal with, but solutions are out there. 

Depending on your situation, a secured loan funding solar and energy efficiency can be a cash-flow positive asset from day one. 

There is no such thing as a free lunch, or free money, but cash flow positive solar, when you buy and size a quality system that’s matched to your demand, is a fantastic, reliable investment.

Another option is to sign up to a solar lease or alternative pay as you go model. Finance tends to be around 6-7% on these options, and depending on how strong your solar business case is, that could still mean a cash flow positive asset, that you own outright after seven years.

If you are stuck, just drop us an email, or schedule a time to discuss your project goals. When it comes to getting energy projects done right, we are always happy to help.

Why use the BOOM! platform for stage two - the business case?

The three key BOOM! advantages are:

Business cases are automated in the BOOM! platform, and based on energy audits being completed by a non-energy expert with clean and easy training (see article one, “BOOM! stage One - the energy audit: Why bother?”). Meaning some basic training and support will allow you to learn the basics and gather the data needed to create an accurate business case. No other expensive consulting support required. We’ll also guide you through financing options. 

Portfolio analytics is the BOOM! platform’s “options analysis” tool (see article three - “BOOM! stage Three - now I’ve got lots of business cases, how do I decide?!”). It lets you evaluate and analyse tens, hundreds or thousands of business cases for different solutions across your property portfolio, so you can decide what you should procure, where it is best installed and what your budget should be. Once the decisions are made, you’re ready to use the BOOM! platform’s integrated e-procurement module (see article four - “BOOM! stage Four - competitive tendering: why bother?!”)

BOOM!’s integrated monitoring and verification system for both financial and emission savings takes these original business cases and provides ongoing comparisons, so you can report to your Executive team, Board or customers at the touch of a button (see article five - “BOOM! stage Five - How do I know if it’s working, or we made the savings we expected?!”)

Time to give BOOM! a try?

1. Schedule an appointment - discuss your needs with Alex and see the BOOM! platform.

2. Engage us to create a personalised, high-level plan based on your needs.

3. Agree, refine and execute the plan — together.