Our Team

The BOOM platform puts decades of energy experience at your fingertips. Saving you time and money.

Our team has distilled decades of experience in engineering, economics, procurement and project management into the BOOM platform. We're here to support your energy asset ambitions.

We are a modern, distributed team for a modern, distributed energy market. We're physically based in Australia (Victoria, NSW and Queensland) but the BOOM software will support you anywhere, at the touch of a button. 

Tosh Szatow
Tosh has previously been a consumer advocate and CSIRO scientist. He's also been a consultant since 2012, focused on accelerating Australia’s transition to zero emission energy. He is always up for helping you implement “crazy” ideas, so long as they are crazy enough to work! Tosh lives for the moments when ambition become reality, usually after years of blood, sweat and tears. It is in this spirit that BOOM! has come about - years of hard work with people like you, simplifying the way you assess, buy and implement integrated solar, energy efficiency and storage solutions.
Alex Houlston
Prior to co-founding BOOMPower, Alex worked on major new build projects, led establishment of an energy services company for a state government department, and ran procurement for an energy performance contract across 7,000 households. The experience left him frustrated at how time-consuming and expensive it was for property professionals to understand, select and implement solar, batteries and energy efficiency at scale - let alone verify the results… He’s been focusing on making that process quick and easy ever since, and BOOM! is the result!
Dr. David Perry
David is an engineer and scientist, with over 10 years experience delivering highly technical projects across multiple industries, including bio-medicine, energy and agriculture. His passion is building technology that take the brakes off the clean energy revolution. Tools that help people like you make smart and easy decisions about energy, without the needless complexity. David is responsible for product management and the technical architecture of the BOOM! platform. David is also a long-term director of Australia’s first community wind farm, Hepburn Wind.

BOOM Projects and History. Make energy easy. 

BOOM grew out of energy consultancy firm Energy for the People, established in 2012. The BOOM software provides the support you need to make energy simple.

Since 2012, people like you have worked with the BOOM team to assess and deliver over $100 million of solar, battery and energy efficiency projects, ranging from standard rooftop solar to innovative models for small-scale solar farms.

The BOOMPower team's most important work (to date) has being supporting and guiding delivery of over 4,000 kW of solar installed on social housing properties - ensuring some of society's most vulnerable benefit from rooftop solar. People just like you are already using BOOM to make decisions, purchase, monitor, measure and verify solar, lighting, heating, cooling, battery storage and hot water upgrades - helping to bring power bills under control for those who need it most.

BOOM - Make energy easy, and make a difference

If you are creating work or educational opportunities (directly or indirectly) for the long term unemployed, young people at risk, or those at risk of homelessness, we would love to discuss how we can work together. We are committed to donating a portion of our after-tax profits to the cause, including via our partners the Community Housing Industry Association and Give Where You Live Foundation. Get in touch if you want to partner with us.