Our Story

The BOOM software saves you time and money by making solar, storage and energy efficiency quick and simple to assess, select, purchase, monitor, measure, verify (and then re-assess). 

Whether you're deciding where to start, implementing a project, reviewing the results, or planning the next stage. BOOM makes clean energy easy. 

BOOM makes clean energy easy - for you.  

The BOOM simple five stage process has been designed and refined since 2012 - informed by people just like you. 

The five stages are:

boom process

When it comes to delivering solar, storage and energy efficiency retrofits, BOOM saves on your two most precious resources - time and money. No matter where you are on your clean energy journey, BOOM can help you. 

The BOOM platform brings together over 30 years experience, guiding people like you through energy projects, programs and energy asset management. We know solar. We know storage. We know energy - that’s hot water, heating, cooling, tariffs - you name it.

The team behind the BOOM platform can also talk you through the latest energy technologies, business models and services whenever you want - although you might just want simple answers you can trust at your fingertips.

BOOM! is your guide for energy projects, programs and ongoing energy asset management. 

Why BOOM? - Make clean energy easy. 

The BOOM software helps you assess, select, purchase, monitor, measure, verify (and then re-assess) solar, batteries and energy efficiency quickly and easily. 

BOOM is fully automated. The software is built for...

  1. Asset, Facility or Property Managers looking to to run solar, storage and energy efficiency retrofit programs themselves quickly and efficiently

  2. Consulting firms, contractors or advisory firms looking to reduce the time required to provide your services end-to-end.

  3. Government agencies to run energy programs end-to-end, with transparency over the whole life-cycle of projects and beyond.