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Generate proposals, streamline decision-making and accelerate purchasing of solar, storage and electric appliances - at the touch of a button.

Solar, storage and energy efficiency decision-making can be complex.

Make energy easy with BOOM!

Learn how BOOM helps your company save up 70% of the time normally required to assess opportunities, enable decision-making, procure from suppliers and monitor the results.

Easily and quickly audit properties.

Quickly and easily input energy data, billing details and existing appliances to build a picture of where your customers are using energy.


Create business cases and proposals on the spot.

Create detailed business cases for solar, storage, lighting, hot water, heating and cooling (and more) products and financing quickly and easily.

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Options analysis.

Compare opportunities and business cases. Select a budget and choose what matters based on financial and environmental analyses.

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Competitively procure solutions.

Use the BOOM marketplace to competitively procure, transparently and expertly with support built-in at every step on the way.

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Measure and verify.

Aggregate energy monitoring data to track the financial and environmental impacts and inform future opportunities.


Within two months of meeting BOOM Co-founder Alex, we procured over 800kW of solar for 11 facilities, which also addressed power factor correction issues and kick-started our ongoing energy management via the platform. The BOOM software means we are executing our big ambitions around energy efficiency and emissions without being distracted from our core business!

Reece Rackley

CEO, City Venue Management

Housing Choices Australia are using BOOM! to easily assess, select and implement energy retrofits across our 7,000+ property portfolio, with over $1.5m of projects implemented since early 2018 and far more in the pipeline. We are reducing consultancy costs and eliminating difficult decision-making processes.

James Henry

GM Property Development & Asset Management

Community Housing Limited's collaboration work with BOOM! has resulted in our national "Secure Energy Strategy", with the platform being used to assess our whole national portfolio of over 11,000 buildings as part of business as usual operations, and to assist with implementation of solutions. We're excited to be part of this ground-breaking platform, which is simplifying our work and helping us achieve our goals, with over $2m of projects completed to date.

Tom Graham

National Asset Manager

From a governance perspective, BOOM is extremely robust. My [former] team felt really confident with the level of effort that had gone into procurement design. The customer service was also excellent and responsive, and allowed the team to start thinking more critically, by being actively involved in the process of data gathering and future asset management - including figuring out why they were making decisions around assets, and how to improve that decision-making.

Simon Greenfield

Senior Director, Consulting, JLL

CHIA Vic has been working with the BOOMPower team since 2015. We're proud to be a partner in the exciting BOOM! platform, which is eliminating the need for expensive consulting time, and building the capacity of our member organisations to understand and implement energy retrofits at a scale not seen before.

Lesley Dredge


BOOM! made the process of installing our initial 100kw system a breeze, from analysis of our requirements, through to organising quotes, contractor selection and liaison helped make our project hassle free.

Phil McConachy


Providing instant access to portfolio-wide assessments means we are thinking much bigger. Using [BOOM] is about building internal skills and future-proofing our properties. The platform’s entirely integrated, so it's easy to jump from assessment into procurement. If you are doing it alone, it’s very time-consuming and difficult to get right. BOOM gave us the confidence and the information needed to make good investment decisions and the transparency over procurement made it far easier to make the case internally.

Meg George

Asset Manager

Explore the BOOM! Process

Whether you're just getting started, or have already upgraded your energy assets, BOOM! puts you back in charge.

BOOM gives your property team energy superpowers. Avoid costly consulting engagements, drop the spreadsheets, meetings and emails.

Business Cases
Options Analysis
Measure & Verify
Gather Data

Business Cases

Generate automated business cases for solar, batteries and other energy upgrades

Options Analysis

Rank opportunities by payback period, emissions savings, or both.


Built-in tendering platform, with pre-qualified suppliers. Avoid double-handling of data.

Measure & Verify

Aggregate live energy data to verify that your investments work. Report to stakeholders, grow ambition.

Gather Data

Collect building data using your own staff, or leverage existing databases. No specialist energy knowledge required.
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